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Client Testimonials

I didn't know what to expect, at the time I was desperate, but the sessions helped me enormously and. Now feel whole again.

The counselling support has been so valuable to me, thank you for the amazing help I received.

I put counselling off for a long time after my partner had died and now I wish I had done it earlier it was definitely well worth doing.

Rapport Counselling Service, Uckfield

When is counselling helpful?

Although many people will not be able to put it neatly into a few words, what they seek from counselling can be roughly summarised in a few categories:

  • Support 
  • Recovery
  • Problem-solving
  • Gaining insight or self awareness
  • Developing new strategies for living 

The sort of distress that counselling can help is often called 'emotional' or 'psychological' and can include:

Stress - a very general and possibly over-used term, however there are some situations in life, especially those that you can't control, that might leave you feeling so stressed that it interferes with your everyday life

Conflict - at home or work

Bereavement / loss - whether a relative or friend. Indeed, having anything permanently taken away might lead to a feeling of bereavement/loss, such as losing your job or losing your ability to do something like walk, play sport or having an intimate relationship.

Depression - another overused term and not one to be taken lightly. Many life events can make us feel low, and talking it over really does help.  The popular term 'depression' can cover everything from feeling understandably low after having your purse stolen or losing your job, through to being unable to get up in the morning or eat properly because you think life is not worth living 

Coping with poor health - e.g. Having a long-standing health problem or receiving a diagnosis of serious or terminal illness

Trauma - e.g surviving (including witnessing) something very disturbing (including abuse of various forms)


Choosing the Right Counsellor

Studies show that the quality of the relationship between client and counsellor is the most important factor in bringing about change.

When you have problems and are finding it difficult to cope, it can help to talk to someone and counselling can provide a safe place to talk as a counsellor can support you whilst exploring matters that cause difficulty or concerns. Understanding these difficulties will help you gain direction and balance allowing you to develop choices to move forward.

Feeling at ease with the counsellor you decide to work with is extremely important to the likelihood of you finding counselling beneficial. So to enable you to establish whether you feel that I am suitable for your needs and make sure that you feel at ease and safe with me an initial consultation is available,  you will be invited to talk about what is troubling you and together we will consider the issues that may be affecting you and then discuss ways forward.



If you still have questions unanswered  please email  or call 01825 729518. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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